Ventura College Spring 2009
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Math V88 A-E
Self-paced Beginning Algebra

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Student ALEKS manual
Don't print it! A copy will be provided your first day of class.

New for Spring 2009!  Our Beginning Algebra, MathV01, will be offered as one-unit modules in a self-paced format.  Completion of all five modules of MathV88 A - E will be the equivalent of the 5-unit MathV01 course.

Any number of modules (from one to all five) may be taken during a given semester, giving students the option to take as much (or as little) algebra as they would like in a semester. Each course is a prerequisite to the next (that is, V88A is a prerequisite to V88B, V88B is a prerequisite to V88C, etc.). Students may enroll in these courses throughout the semester as long as they have completed all prerequisites first. (The last date to enroll in a module for the spring 2009 semester is May 1, 2009).  Students who do not complete all the modules in one semester may still enroll in one or more of the unfinished modules in a later semester until they finish the entire five-module sequence.

The primary mode of instruction for these self-paced modules will be using interactive computer software, video clips, and other media.  The classes are held in the computer learning center  in SCI-226 which will be open 15 hours per week in the spring, dedicated to these courses and staffed with an instructor and tutors for additional explanation and guidance.

The Spring 2009 hours for SCI-226 are:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  11am - 2pm
Tuesday and Thursday:  1pm - 4pm

At the on-going orientation, which is the first day a student shows up during the semester, we will be requesting a commitment from each student for a minimum of 5 scheduled hours per week until their course is finished.  They will then have priority in seating for those times.  They are encouraged and welcome for more hours on a space available basis.  Students are also able to make progress in the course by completing work outside the center as long as the 5-hour per week minimum is done in the classroom.  Assessments and exams, however, must always be taken in the classroom with instructor present.

The modules are offered on a credit/no credit basis only.  Students may add a course up until May 1, 2009.  Work in any module must be completed by the end of the Spring term for credit in that module.  At this point the courses will not be offered in summer.  But they will resume in the Fall 09 semester with a change in course number:  For spring they are being offered as Math V88A - E, as temporary course numbers.  In the Fall 09 semester they will reappear as Math V01A-E and students will continue with the new course numbers until all five modules are completed.

We will also be offering self-paced modules to make up our Intermediate Algebra MathV03 in a similar format beginning in Fall 2009.

We see these courses as benefiting students who are self-motivated and fall into two categories -- their pace of learning is either slower or faster than that of a traditional course.  We hope that offering this more flexible mode will enable more students to be successful in their math experience which will contribute to success in their education goals here at Ventura College.


Contact Donna Beatty at (805) 654-6400 ext. 2285 for more information.




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