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A great guide to kid's chemistry for Tonya Clark's Class.

NCSA ChemViz allows students to use a super computer to calculate and visualize atoms and molecule from the perspective of electron  densities or orbitals.

MDL is a source for molecular modeling software and samples of molecules.

The Wierd Chemist contains many tables of useful chemical data for use in your experiments.

Chemical thermodynamic data and other data by chemical formula.

General Chemistry Starting Points for General Chemistry Students Tutorials, resources, software, etc.

Klotho: Biochemical Compounds Database gives a listing of biochemical data specific to biochemistry.

This is a source for thermodynamic data such as DHf , DGo , and So and other more esoteric stuff.

Search Journal of Chemical Education Index.

Molecular Library is a list of molecular structures that can be used in conjunction with Chemscape.

Chemistry Info

MATHMOL -K-12 Mathematics and Molecules


Chem Tutor - Self explanatory

Jobs for a chemist.

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