Abyssinia Cyberspace Gateway
Africa '95
Africa News
Africa News Website: Crisis in the Great Lakes Region
Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources
Africa Web Links
African History Links
African National Congress
African Policy Information Center (APIC)
African Publishing Home Page
Cape Verde home page
Centre for Democratic Communications (data on South African labour movements and COSATU).
Eye on Africa
H-AFRICA(Humanities Online)
Informatics Policy Instruments in Africa
National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa)
Pan African Development Information Systems Newsletter
Pan African News Agency
Pana News Agency
Somalia News Update
South African Government Index
Sudanic Africa (an academic electronic journal with useful book references).
*University of Pennsylvania African Studies Web*
University of Wisconsin's African Studies
USAfrica Online
Weekly Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)

Nigerian Connection
Coalition Against Dictatorship in Nigeria
Nigerian Politics

The Egyptian Presidency
People's Assembly Home Page
Egyptian State Information Service
Egypt WWW Index

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