Australian National University Asian Studies Virtual Library
South-East Asia Information

Asia Data Disk
Asia Now
Asian Studies Network Information Center (ASNIC) 
University of Texas
Indonesian Homepage
International Development- Asia
Mennonite Central
Study Guide for Southeast Asia
Asia Environmental Review
Asia Inc. Online
Bangkok Post
Cambodia Times
The Korea Herald

JAPAN (Scroll Down for Japanese Educational Policy Info.)
Japan Window Project (Stanford University)
Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Japan Policy Research Institute (JPRI)
Japan-Parties and Interest Groups
The Japan Times
Asahi Shimbun
Japan Times
Kantei Home Page
National Diet of Japan
Political Parties and Movements
The Mainichi Newspapers
Radio/Television Hong Kong

Japan Education Policy
English (Japanese Ministry of Educationů)

Japanese Only

Chinese Society Home Page
China Web Site
Human Rights China
Dartmouth College-China
China Simulation
Inside China Today
Information Office of State Council of People's Republic of China
South China Morning Post
China Daily
Consulate General of the PRC in New York
Inside China Today

India Index
India News Network
India Website
India Website
The Indian Parliament
The Hindu
The Times of India
India Connect
Indiatime Government and Politics
The Hindu

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