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Ventura Scrimmage 2007

October 20, 2007


For more information, call Ned Mircetric (805) 340-5720 or Robin Hester (760) 964-9567

or email or


Scrimmage Schedule


Participating Teams:  Allan Hancock, Cerritos, Cuyamaca, Cypress, Hartnell, Los Angeles Pierce, Mendocino,

                                          Mt. San Antonio, Porterville, Saddleback, Santa Barbara, & Ventura


When:   October 20, 2007


Where:   Ventura College Athletic Event Center and Small Gymnasium


What:    A scrimmage as defined in the COA Constitution Bylaw 3.3.1


   ďAny practice activity among two (2) or more teams or individuals from different colleges or other teams/individuals

   not affiliated with the college(s) that begins and ends on the same day shall be considered a scrimmage.Ē


                    The scrimmage will be broken down into two 40-minute practice sessions.  Each practice session will consist of two 20-minute regulation halves.  Each team will participate in one practice session with each of the other two teams in their group of three.


                    All rules pertaining to scrimmages as outlined in Bylaw 3.3.2 will be followed:


o       No score will be kept.

o       Coaches will be permitted on the playing surface.

o       Substitution will be unlimited (there is a limit of five fouls per player per scrimmage).

o       Officials will be used.

o       The scrimmage will be scheduled after the date of the first practice (Oct. 15) and before the first game (Nov. 7).

o       Will count as one contest toward the allowable contests per season.

o      MUST appear on the your schedule and denoted as a scrimmage.

o       Will not count as participation by the student, but will count as contests in the season of sportís total number of contests.