The Ventura College Women’s Basketball Mentor Program is designed for the student athletes in the program to develop relationships with the staff of the College and with the community.  It allows the players to achieve their full potential as students, as athletes, and as people.

Mentors are chosen from the staff of Ventura College and from the community.  A vital quality of every mentor is an understanding of the student athlete and the unique challenges she faces during her college career.  Mentors meet with their player every week.  This time provides an opportunity for the students to establish a personal and professional relationship with a wise and trusted advisor.

Freshmen are required to meet once a week with their mentor.  A missed appointment is like a missed practice.  In subsequent years there is no mandatory meeting time because the bonding for a lifelong friendship has taken place.

Ventura College Women’s Basketball is successful for many reasons, but the foundation of that success is in personal relationships.  The Mentor Program allows students to develop relationships with the College staff and the community. 

The coaches and players wish to thank all the mentors who generously donate their time and energy to this program.

Student Athlete  


Chanelle Brennan Albert Chen  Sociology Instructor see photo
Jordan Clegg Deborah Pollack English Instructor see photo
Lacey Escamilla Sam Triana Local Business Owner see photo
Donielle Griggs Gary Amar Speech Instructor see photo
Julie Heurung Patty Wendt EAC Counselor see photo
Jessica Jameson Alisa Moore Public Information Officer see photo
Jessica Kidder Carla Kramer Library Technician see photo
Kris King Sharon Oxford Tutorial Specialist see photo
Christine McPherson Joan Comstock

Administrative Assistant,

Communications & Learning Resources

see photo
Amanda Padilla Peter Sezzi Associate Librarian see photo
Irma Rivera Bea Herrera Counselor see photo
Michelle Santizo Jovita Valdez

VC Foundation Scholarship Director

and Administrator

see photo
Jessi Selleh Lucy Capuano-Brewer Psychology Professor see photo
Brenda Van Someren Lauri Moore Sociology Professor see photo
Erika Ward Sarah Triana Local Business Owner see photo